how to make
andrew bazzi




creating andrew bazzi isn't as simple as throwing sugar, spice, and everything nice together. i'm vulnerable, i'm sad, i'm young, i'm creative, i'm proud, i'm lonely, i'm grateful, i'm happy, and so many other things. most of all, i'm unique. my experience and outlook make me who i am and that's something i always have to remind myself. it's easy for me to not feel deserving of my success.

what exactly did i do to get here? the reality of it is that i worked really hard. i busted my ass to be where i am today. i learned so much along the way and i like being able to share that with my fans. they relate to me in such a specific way that i feel a little responsible for them. if i don't share everything i've been through, it'd be an injustice. so here i am. mix it all into a bowl and you'll get the curly haired kid, ready to move onto the next step and learn from my mistakes.